Heidi H. Long Beach, CA

Two technicians showed up on time. Very friendly and courteous. Had a washing machine that was not draining properly due to a malfunctioning door sensor which I had self diagnosed but wanted to be sure that my tinkering didn’t blow out the electronics and wanted to be sure that the parts I would potentially buy online were the correct ones.

Kind of felt a little scammed since they could have easily charged me parts and labor rather than some let’s make a deal scenario where they charged me $170 to find out that behind door #3 was a broken door sensor that only cost $11.99 on ebay.

I agreed to pay $40 for the diagnosis but there wasn’t much of a diagnosis except for the the guy telling me that there could be something wrong with the electronics along with the door sensor that needed to be replaced.

Also, communication was extremely difficult. I wasn’t sure what I was agreeing to but ended up paying $170 for less than 30 minutes of labor and a part that probably cost less than $15