Dee W. Huntington Beach, CA

My fridge stopped working and its a 7 a.m. Sunday what do you do? I checked Yelp and started to call around. No one was answering and I was freaking out my fridge was full of food. I got a hold of Pacific Coast Appliance repair and they came out on a Sunday afternoon. They Quickly Told me what the problem was and had to order the part. I was skeptiable because he diganosed it so quick. Well he said most likely they had the part at their shop and could fix it tommorrow. Ok. He came back the very next day and fixed it good as new. Gave me a 90 day warranty on the part and left me with a bill of about $90. part included. I was impressed. Now its been well over 90 days since the repair and the fridge still cold and working properly. Thank you Pacific Coast Repair your my rockstar!