Judith M. Long Beach, CA

I called several other places to ask about rates and availability and met some folks i did not want to work with. I know that my dryer is FULL of lint, and it doesn’t dry- if it’s more than that what what will it run me? Turns out no one will answer this question. However, some will not answer it with a Lot of attitude.
I liked the direct responses and pleasant tone I got from this business and picked them because they answered questions patiently.

it was easy to make an appointment, the repairman, Tom, showed up on time was competent, well prepared and did the job quickly and thoroughly.
Lint removal and gas coil replacement $130 w yelp coupon. And they take credit cards.

I did not give 5 stars because there was no opportunity to actually check the dryer & I’m not sure that this fixed the problem – it dries on the timer but not the dryness setting. Oh well.

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