Sathinee K. Hawaiian Gardens, CA

I was not please with this company at all. First off, it was hard to understand anything the people on the phone say because of the background noises. Second, when the technician showed up, it was very hard to understand him. However, he was very nice and did showed up on time. The technician let me know that there were two parts wrong with my washer and it would cost a total of $175 to fix everything. I agreed to it because I really don’t have much other choices. Once he finished replacing those parts then he let me know that there actually is one more broken part on top of the two. It would be another $45 to fix it. I still agreed to it. He said he would be back within a couple of days with the part. In the meantime I can try using the washer. I did as instructed but everything was the same. This got me questioned whether the part that was change had anything to do with the problem at all. The guy came back over a week later after I called to ask. Came to find out after trying to put in the new part that that wasn’t the problem at all. The washer is totally broke. It would cost more to fix than to buy a new one. He agreed to refund the labor and equipment but I would still had to pay $40 service call. It would have been nice if the technician looked at everything the first time rather than saying this is the problem then fix it then find more problem. Lastly, the yelp coupon was very hard to use. The technician doesn’t know anything about it. You have to call the office to get it approve. On top of that, the coupon can only be used for labor.