J R. Los Angeles, CA

Update: After $220 bill our microwave is still not working.

Update: I just spoke to customer service again and initially she was nice and we told the woman our microwave still doesn’t work and we reschedule. Then she called back to us and told us sean and them don’t want to work with us or fix our still broken microwave because we are complainers and they’d rather give refund…except we are “complaining” because our microwave was never fixed and their horrible customer service person yesterday yelled at us for having any issue with our service.

After the repairmen “fixed” the microwave yesterday he only tested by turning it on. It did turn on but he didn’t check to see if it heats, something we don’t know to check while he was there because he’s the expert and we believed him when he said it worked. We never had issues with not heating. It just wouldn’t turn on. The fact that it doesn’t heat as soon as they leave says they didn’t check it or fix it correctly and maybe even caused the no no heating issue with the rewiring they did. Regardless, it doesn’t work still and they claim it’s a perfect repair.

We agreed to their refund but then we spent 20 minutes on phone now arguing with a man who demanded we remove our review and then he will give refund for our still broken microwave and shotty service. So the refund is conditional and felt threatening as he told us we are not allowed to leave bad comments about their company and that it hurts their people. I don’t like leaving bad reviews but if your customer service is horrible and reacts so unprofessionally then we don’t want other people signing up to do business with a business such as this. I said leaving reviews is a natural part of business relationship and maybe if they took care of their customers before they wouldn’t have to threaten them to remove documentation of their bad behavior afterwards. And it’s not just us because I’m reading below many people have experienced the threat by this company to removing their yelp reviews that document their real businesses practices.

They kept exclaiming their did perfect repair and I eventually had to keep saying, “the microwave is still broke, and now broke in ways it wasn’t before, how was this a perfect repair?”

The service has been outrageous and I’ve never had a business yell at me on the phone telling me what I can and can’t say online and try to coerce me to remove it with refund bribery while they refused to do business with us. It was horrible speaking with them and as my husband was standing right next to me agreeing, the man on the phone practiced misogyny eventually refusing to talk to “the woman” and and only to “the leader” “the man of the house”, my husband except we were both standing there asking to please just refund so we can end this business relationship. They refused to rectify this bad transaction unless we are silent online. We don’t feel comfortable having them back into our place and want the refund they offered. They have refused unless we stay silent so we will take them to civil court and Better Business Bureau. No business should be threatening and harassing their customers to take down their honest reviews. That’s wrong.

Terrible service. Do not go here. I booked here against better judgement when I talked to them this morning and I could barely hear the person who was scheduling, he sounded like he was barely awake, nor cared and maybe even high but I scheduled due to all the perfect stars which I feel may have been bought reviews now.

When I messaged this place they said they would charge me $60 to come look at our appliance. At the end when we thought repairmen was still trying to look for what was wrong they slapped us with a $220 bill (less due to yelp voucher). They didn’t list anything on the receipt for the reasons of their costs or parts of any of it. There were no parts. And this business did not list what their service fees are, leading me to believe it was only $60 I had to worry about unless there were parts.

The repair man didn’t communicate how much repair would cost, he just did it and charged us without notification. We could’ve bought a new microwave for this price. Doesn’t list what he did or nothing, just $160 for some “rewiring” and no communication.

Note: the repairmen was very nice. The person on phone (Sean, I believe) was terribly rude from the start.

The man at the office we called afterwards to complain was terrible customer service, yelling at me that we are calling to bother them. I told them that’s what their job is, to deal with customers. He got upset because I asked how they set their charges and why they didn’t notify the customer of the quote prices before they fixed it when they said it would only be $60 for diagnostic and that fee would be applied to final cost.

Rip off. Don’t go here and they don’t care about customers one bit. Just ripping them off and not telling them.