Anthony C. Ward 2, AZ

We had some problems with our Electric Dryer so we found Pacific Coast Appliance Repair here on yelp and went with them because of their high rating.
Upon making the call, they sent the technician over the same day. The technician shows up and spends about 2 hrs trying to diagnose the problem. After the two hours, the tech comes out and says he can’t find the issue so he’s gonna reach dispatch to send another tech for a second opinion.
The hard part was trying to get passed the language barrier. I like to know the progress on the repairs as he’s going along or know what he thinks the issue is thus far etc. but it made it really difficult because he didn’t know much English at all. I believe he was maybe Russian or Turkish if I had to guess. He also left the top off of one of the components leaving the wiring exposed.
Thankfully, there was no charge because the tech wasn’t able to diagnose the problem.
I get a call from their office from a pleasant lady telling me that she can send another tech that will be coming from Torrence. As I need this dryer fixed pretty quick, I agreed to wait. I then get a call back about 40 min later by the same female advising me that her tech doesn’t have ID and would have to go back home and get his ID so that he can be sponsored onto our military installation where we reside.
Fast forward 2 more days when a tech was able to come back out, he arrives on time just like the previous tech and gets right to work. After about 30 min, I ask if he can let me know of any progress if any and again, the language barrier was a big issue so I what I basically got out of the scenario was that the part he pointed at was bad.
I asked him if it was a costly repair and he said yes, $535 for parts and labor. The dryer may have cost me about that so I was already thinking I was going to have to by another. He showed me on his phone, the cost of the part ($285) and stated the labor was $250!!

I told him that I’d call them back if I chose to go that route. He proceeds to my kitchen and begins to wash his arms and hands in our sink. I was pretty shocked that he didn’t even ask where the restroom was so he could wash his hands, but instead, takes it upon himself to do it where we place clean dishes.

When he leaves, I find the part for $100 LESS than quoted and get it ordered from¬† The control panel arrived yesterday and I go to remove the screws from the old control panel and find a tech manual stuffed inside all the electrical components and wires! Couldn’t believe my eyes. Big red flag because had i plugged it in to try and troubleshoot, who knows what could’ve happened.
It took me longer to figure out how to remove some clips and screws than it did to plug 1 wire in and we were in business. Where the $200+ in labor came from to do what I did in 2 min or less is beyond me!
Careful with this company.