Tommy J. Lower Westside, Long Beach, CA

The water dispenser on my refrigerator was having issues with the spring, causing it to cave in on itself, so I decided to call PCAR. When the technician, Ben, arrived he asked what the issue was and I explained that it was caving in on itself, and naturally, he grabbed a few tools then proceeded to “diagnose the issue.” When removing the button to the water dispenser, he went in on an angle and aggressive began to removed it from the base. Assuming that he was capable I left the room for a minute then returned to three price that were not broken preceding the “diagnosis.” Upon questioning of the parts he simply ignored them and said they were already broken and I’d have to replace the entire mechanism to my refrigerator. He then continued to place the button back on the refrigerator, however, it will not stay in place because of the broken pieces.  When calling his superior, she made me feel as though I was lying to get him fired, but that is not the case. The matter of the fact is he causes further damage in places of my refrigerator that were not initially there and because of that I am left another week without a working water dispenser.

I went to sears to ask about the parts that the technician broke and was told I’d have to get a whole new refrigerator because that part isn’t sold separately
Then I called owner, Sean, and let him know about the severity of the issue. He said he would speak to the technician and call me back. When he called me back he said the technician denied breaking the part that is causing the most issues and refused to help me any further.