Kelly E. Long Beach, CA

On Saturday, our refrigerator did not seem to be keeping the lower half cool. By Sunday, most of the groceries we had just purchased had gone bad… We stocked up on ice in our coolers, in an attempt to salvage as much food as possible. On Monday morning, I called Leo at 8am. He promptly answered & set up a window of 11-2 when he come over. He arrived at the beginning of the window did a quick 10 minute assessment. He advised he could repair our fridge within the hour for a very reasonable rate. And he did just that! He made suggestions as to how to store food in the fridge & freezer for the best airflow & performance.
We restocked the fridge Monday evening, after a full 6 hours of allowing it to get cool enough for our remaining food. If this service does not remedy the issue, we will be sure to call Leo back, as he suggested. Highly recommend! Thanks Leo!

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