Still Water Runs Deep F. Lakewood, CA

Technician came out this morning to evaluate the condition the old refrigerator and to see if it was worth fixing. Still couldn’t believe the refrigerator was basically dead when we hear stories of people with 20 to 30 year refrigerators still functioning. He’s honest and will tell you exactly what is wrong with your refrigerator, no trying to scam you out your $$ with mickey mouse repairs.

Our fridge was leaking coolant and the compressor had just gone out. Too costly to repair and he advised us to buy a new fridge which would basically cost the same for the model that we currently have. He did not recommend buying digital ones because they are more expensive to repair and to buy one with a dial instead, like the one we currently have.

Overall, I will call this place again in the future for my other kitchen appliance repairs!!!

Two Thumbs Up!!!

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