Erika B. Long Beach, CA

So my dryer went out just before Thanksgiving and me going out of town. I called several places Saturday 11/28 and they were pushing the service call to Monday NOT happening I have 3 kids and lots of laundry. So this guy told me $30 for estimate which was better than the other places and also gave me a service call for Monday .. I was like NO! He then contacted the service guy and informed me he would come between 11-2.. I was so happy that he came just after 11.. He diagnosed the issue checked his truck for parts and was able to fix my dryer.. Total cost $120 after 4 hours of repair.. They have some coupons or deals on the Yelp site but I figured the price was right.. Considering the cost of a new dryer is about $400 for the size I need.. Very nice and honest men working here. I would consider them again.