Roy H. Long Beach, CA

Due to complete failure of our 4 year old Kenmore Elite refrigerator we were anxious to get it repaired and serviced under a 5 year service warrantee. Sears said the earliest visit would be in 10 days for the Sears technician to do an inspection to determine what work was needed. Finding that unacceptable called Pacific Coast Appliance and paid $ 60 for a service call next day. Sean suggested that Sears repair could easily take over 3 weeks to accomplish with their ordering parts and scheduling the work to replace the compressor.

Called Sears and demanded they allow me to contract directly. They reluctantly agreed. Thanks to Pacific Coast we have a functioning refrigerator with a replacement compressor after 11 days. Sean was able to delivery the service and repair in expeditiousI manner. I had to front  the $ 600 for the labor and expect full reimbursement under the 5 year master agreement warrantee. Have a happy wife!

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